21. Athena versus Macie

Athena: Interactive query service which enables to analyze and query data located in S3 using standard SQL.
i. Serverless, nothing to provision, pay per query/ per TB scanned
ii. No need to set up complex ETL process
iii. Works directly with data stored in S3.

Athena can be used for:
i. Can be used to query log files stored in S3, eg ELB logs, S3 access logs etc
ii. Generate business reports in data stored in S3
iii. Analyse AWS cost and usage reports
iv. Run queries on click-stream data

PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
i. Personal data used to establish an individuals identity
ii. This data could be exploited by criminals, used in identity theft and financial fraud
iii. Home address, email address, SSN
iv. Passport number, drivers licence number
v. DOB, phone number, bank account, credit card number

Macie: Security service which used ML & NLP to discover, classify and protect sensitive data stored in S3.
i. Uses AI to recognise if S3 objects contain sensitive data such as PII
ii. Dashboards, reporting & alerts
iii. Works directly with data stored in S3
iv. Can also analyze CloudTrail logs
v. Great for PCI-DSS and preventing ID theft.